Travel with Me

Sunset in Venice Beach!

As promised, I will make time for myself in order to remember (in writing) my entire USA experience, step by step. How it felt living the American Dream. Or at least, remember the moments that changed my vision, that really had an impact on my development and on the way I see life.

One of the moments that really count was the one sunset that I caught in an early October evening in Venice Beach, California. The one sunset that simply made me tear thanks to its beauty. That moment in my life where I felt the perks of being young, wild and free. And happy 🙂 Happy in the weirdest way possible.

A sunset I will never forget. Despite I was watching it with some friends I made in that summer adventure, I wished I could share that moment with all the ones I loved back at home and wanted them to sit next to me. But maybe that’s exactly the perk of travelling by yourself. You get to enjoy the best things in life alone while having your dearest ones close to your heart. Trying to story tell them moments won’t help much as words are never enough to describe feelings running through your blood.

A sunset that will last forever. Whenever I close my eyes and think about it, I can recall it with no extra efforts.It’s simply there, making me grateful for that one special lifetime moment.

A moment that made me wish I was part of the sea, of the sand, of the sky, of the palm trees, just to know how it feels to be perfect. The timing, the beauty, the colors. Everything so perfect.

A moment that made me understand how blessed I am. And that we should be more grateful for who we are, exactly the way we are. To be alive, to be healthy, to have the possibility to travel the world, meet new people and especially to laugh so loud. With no other worries.




And my advice to you all: Just be present! Whatever you do! Wherever you are!

Cheers to all our young inner vibes!